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Monday, March 30, 2009

My come back to the blogging wrold.

Alright I know that i haven't been posting anything in quite some time ,but i have had many diffrent things going on in my life in the past five mounths ,and as this was going through my mind i couldent find the word's to say how i was doing .

now almost six mounths later i am starting to make a come back there has just been so much going on that i could not' clear my mind ,and therefore have somewhat been avoiding some people in my life ,and i am writing this to let theese people that this was not' anything personal its just how i can get when i have to much going on in my mind.

anyway i am going to post some new poetry sometime later on today ,and i hope you all enjoy that also i am going to start riding again once a week ,and i am going to try ,and take some pic's while riding to post for you as well .

but untile then much love take care ,and god bless you all.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

the list of new song's that i love these day's

1. cowgirl's don't cry by brooks and dun
2.sound's so good by Ashton Shepard
3.taking chances by Celine Dion
4.taken off this pain by Ashton Shepard
5.all summer long by kid rock
6.Psycho by puddle of mud
7.right kind of wrong by Leann Rimes

these are my most new favorite song's but my most favorite one right now is '
I Swere by john Montgomery .

also the song dear god by seven fold is cool to .

this is Fang

he is wolf, german shepard ,chow mix he's a big baby though.

and here is a goffy pic of the little beast to .

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my New Ride I love it so much can you tell?

well this one is for you sis , its pic's of my new truck its kinda dirty right now i need to take it to the car wrash really really bad it almost look's white lol

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

more photos with words added to them by me

Not' A very good day to be on the water if you want to know what i think? you know thats going to hurt ,

Soul mates underneath the setting sun.

Looking over the reo grand getting ready to run again.

Goliath the worlds tallest horse standing almost 9 feet tall at the shoulder's.

Little red the Physio chick.

At a loss for words today so here are some photos

Woody The most Evil Scowl that i have ever meet in my life.

The True Meaning Of A mother's Love for Her Baby

MR, Monty Roberts The Greatest horsemen to To ever walk this earth I only wish that one day i could be hafe as good with horses as he is .

A Cowgirls first love for horse's

Asking for peace on earth the Native way This is also known by many people as end of the trail.

Monday, December 08, 2008

my mom ,my sister ,and I

there are so many things that i have learned throughout the years ,but the most important thing that i have learned is that no matter what happens family will always be here for you when you need them the most. and even under the weirdest reasons family will never give up on you ,and they will never leave your side or forget about you like so many other people that you meet throughout your life. I am so grateful to my whole family for always standing by me with the chooses that i have mead throughout the the years ,and am even more grateful for having such a great family to always come home to when i have been away for so long ,and the world trey's' to make me go insane I know that if there is one thing in my life its that i will always be able to come back to my family ,and my roots no matter what happens.

For my best friends ,kari ,and linda

for my two best friends in the whole wide world.
there are people that come into our lives each ,and everyday ,but some come and go others are only there when they want to be ,but you guys are always here for me when i need you ,and your always watching out for me ,and always trying to keep a carfal eye on your little sister ,and i just wanted to write this post to let you both know just how much that i love ,and apostate you both so very much. I don't know what i would do without you guy's my life would be so empty ,and meaningless if i didn't have you as my true friends ,and i thank god each and everyday for sending you to me as my friends, and you know that no matter what might happen in my own life that i am always going to be here for you when you need me ,and I'm not' going anywhere because i true friend want leave a friend standing out in the cold alone instead we give you a blanket ,and stand there with you until your ready to come back into the by the warmth of the wood fire, and you guys have both been there for me throughout the years there was so many times when i myself didn't want to come back in ,but yell never gave up me ,and for that i am grateful ,and for that i can say that you are my only true two friend. I LOVE you guys with all my heart forever ,and always
love your little sister
hopeless in Arkansas. thank you for being my best friends

For My dalening nece Danielle my girl

To my niece
you are the one that makes me laugh
you are the one that makes my day bright
you are like my sunshine on a cloudy day
you are the one that always makes me feel loved ,and you always make
me feel so special
your also the only one that bets me at wahoo ,but at the end of the day i know that its worth it because, i know that you had fun spending time with me , and i thank god each ,and everyday for giving me such a beautiful ,and loving niece.
I feel like the luckiest aunt in the world having you in my life ,and as i watch you grow up i can't help but tell you each ,and everyday just how proud of you that i am . you are my kid ,and i love you with all my heart forever ,and always no matter what I will always be your crazy aunt that you love so much.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the way things are in this life

everything in this life is unprdctbul
everything is so unsure
everything is not' alway's right where we want it to be.
everything is not' always easy for us.
everything is not' perfict in everyway
everything is said to be into the unknown for us
everything is messed up to a point ?
everythig is special in its own way ?
everyone is special to us in our own way?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A million miles traveld with me ,and this old girl

This was patsy my very first riding horse' she wasent very big ,but this old girl had a heart like no other ,and she took me so many place's I had her for over five years ,and in that five years she became a big part of my family ,and back in 2006 I gave her to my best friend kari's little girl for her very first poney. That little mare was so good with that baby ,and she love'd her so much, and she took my friends baby all over ,and thought her how to ride, just as she did me all them years ago.
Patsy died this year back in september she truly was my first love ,and my first best friend ,and i know that the last three years of her life whear happy ,and that she was love'd by one little girl just as much as i loved her when she was mine.

for momma

one little girl's dream come true
a mother's prears anwserd
a million miles trvaled together
a million scerets shared between one little girl ,and her pony
a million memorys to cahirsh for a lifetime
one love that was connected through the heart's of a child ,and a horse
the sweetist little mare that i have ever seen in my life.
though smail she had such a great big heart ,and cared so much about that baby ,and alway took care of her when they was out riding .

patsy was a really good one she will always remain in our heart's ,and will never be replaced she truely was one of a kind , and I will miss her so much I already do ,and only hope that she know's how special she was to all of us. she was not' just a poney she was family to me ,and to my friend she was the best friend that i ever had.

so goodbye my sweetheart i will always carry your memry with me in my heart whereever i may go i will never forget you . and in my heart you will never be replace'd thank you my beautyfal girl for takeing care of me ,and so many other's in your time here on earth i truely belileve that you was an angel sent down from haven to help so many children learn how to ride, and i know that now your taking the long earnd vaction that you need'd for so long ,and that you happy ,and your no longer in pain.

In loving meimry or Patsy
she was 38 years old.

I love this one to

If I could I would have the wall's in my living room painted to look just like this pic because i love it so much it make's me feel free when ever i look at it .

my euky

this is of my uncle he died back in 1998 ,and i stile miss him each and every day that goes by i was very close to him . when i was stile a baby the very first word's out of my mouth was unky dady to my uncle . he was like my father the only one that really ever came close I miss him so much.

Me on my way to the dance with my friend's

This pic was taken in michigein by one of friend's that way trying to get on my bad side because i told her not' to take this pic ,but she did anyway even though she know's i hate having my photo taken.

At this point though i was already on my way to the main hall for the finale dance ,and yeah I'm even smiling in this one thats not' very offten it must have been the yellow rose that my escort bought for me lol

this one i really love

I love this one because to me it show's the true love of a horse,and rider just when i look at this photo i am wishing that i was this rider . I would love to be back in the time's when horse's where all that people need'd to get around ,and go back to the old country sene.

photo's of the life that i love .

I love theese pic's their some of my favrets

me in my country mood

yeah I was feeling just a little bit country lol.
no just kidding I really don't know what i was thinking when i took this photo I really don't I must have been really bord.